ABUC Weekend Agenda

Thank you Chris & Micah Martin for the working the "One More Yard Cafe"

Friday 5/20

              500-730PM  Packet Pick-Up & Pasta Dinner Social
                                   (we prefer everyone to pickup packets Friday night)


Saturday 5/21 

              515-545AM  Packet Pickup
                     545AM  Pre-Race Briefing 
                     555AM  Get Ass in Corral!
                     600AM  Race Start
One More Yard Cafe Feeding Schedule
Saturday 5/21

                  1200PM  Egg & Cheese Burritos, Bacon  ~25Miles
                    600PM  Brisket Sliders & Potato Salad  ~50Miles

Sunday 5/22

                  1200AM  Grilled Cheese, Ramen ~75Miles
                    600AM  Pancakes & Sausage  ~100Miles
                  1200PM  Brisket & Cheese Quesadillas  ~125Miles
                    600PM  TBD  ~150Miles
Monday 5/23

                  1200AM  TBD  ~175Miles  (let's hope we get here)